10 Things to Toss: Declutter Your Home Before the New Year Part 1

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Time to purge! Okay … I am just as bad as anyone about collecting clutter, but I recently came across a list of 100 items that you should throw out NOW!  I’m going to tackle them for you 10 at a time.

Realistically, 100 is overwhelming … and frankly, I couldn’t even read through all of them!?!

Remember a couple of things before you get started:

– If you donate or sell the items, it’s easier to part with them.

– It’s okay to let go of these items because you will feel much better living in an organized house.

– 2016 will be a better year because you can find things more easily and not feel overwhelmed.

Items to Be Trashed or Donated:

1. Old electronics boxes

(iPhone, TV, computer, etc.). Will we ever need these again? Not unless you plan to re-sell the item.

2. Hangers from dry cleaners

This is a no brainer . . . who likes the wire hangers that bend with one pair of jeans?  You can’t even use them to unlock your car anymore!

3. Hangers from stores

It always bothers me to have a bunch of different types of hangers.

4. Expired make-up

This is a tough one for me because I don’t wear much make-up in the islands, so that eye shadow has been in my drawer for about five years. But make-up does have expiration dates that should be noted. Especially if it’s foundation with an SPF you’re counting on to avoid a sunburn.

5. Half-finished projects

You know the one or ones!  Someone recently said to me, “remember when you used to collect cool things because you thought you’d make something else from them . . . then you realized you don’t have time to do it?”

6. Magazines

I still love my print magazines even though the internet has taken over. But truly you should just read them once and then recycle them.  Take them to your doctor/dentist’s office or organize a trade with a friend.

7. Old nail files

“Buy a nice glass one and be done with those scratchy things!”

No can do . . . I’ve tried those glass emery boards and I really don’t like them.  I’m going to have to disagree with this suggestion.

8. Old cans of paint

I just did this! Here is what you need to do: open all the lids and fill them to the top with kitty litter.  Stir them around and wait a week for them to harden before trashing them. For St. Croix residents, this means taking them to the Peter’s Rest Convenience Center (aka the dump).  Just don’t make the mistake of leaving them out in the rain, as it takes much longer to dry them out.

9. Ugly or stretched out underwear

Yep . . . these should just go in the garbage because honestly, who wants used panties?

10. Paperwork and bills

I try to do this ever couple of years . . . if it’s older than seven years, you can toss it.  I usually burn up a shredder to accomplish this task!

11. Socks without mates

I know that I said I’d give you 10 items, but it is too coincidental that I just tossed about 15 socks that had no match.  I was so sick of seeing that stack sitting around for the last two years, that I just threw them in the garbage last week.  And I haven’t missed them!

So try to spend a few hours this weekend to declutter your house. Stay tuned for the other 89 suggestions!

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