2014 – 2015 Carnival Parade Summary

This past weekend was the pinnacle of St. Croix events, the annual carnival parades with children’s held Friday, January 2 and adult’s on Saturday, January 3.  These events are the closure of the Crucian Christmas Festival, which goes on for more than a month, ending with Three King’s Day.

Children’s Parade

Congratulations to the Sparkle Lite Twirlers! Photo Credit: Crucian Christmas Carnival

Congratulations to the Sparkle Lite Twirlers! Photo Credit: Crucian Christmas Carnival


The children’s parade was won by the troupes Solid Elements (under 50 people) and Pearl B. Larsen School (more than 50).  In the cheer category, Arthur A. Richards Sizzling Sun Cheerleading Squad was deemed the winner.  Majorettes Sparkle Lite Twirlers were given best in show for their genre.  Ricardo Richards Moko Jumbies won their category, as did the steel pan players from Elena Christian School.

Adult’s Parade

The adult’s parade was won by the troupes Gentlemen of Jones (floupe); Simply Sophisticated Fun Troupe (more than 200 people);  Lockhart & Associates (100-200); and UMB (less than 100 people).  In the float category, first place went to the VI Friendship Committee Nativity Scene.  The Guardians Of Culture Mocko Jumbies were deemed best in show, while the St. Croix Masqueraders won their division.  Rising Stars Steel Orchestra won the steel pan category, while Fusion Band was deemed the Road March Winner.

Statesiders Join In

While troupes are usually made up of native Virgin Islanders, more and more stateside transplants to St. Croix have joined the parade in recent years, either being invited into existing troupes or starting their own.  This year Kiki and the Flaming Gypsies (fire dancers) entered a float and 340 Crossfit (gym) made their parade debut.

Photo Credit: Gus Kalathakis

Frederiksted Area

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