2016 Coconut Cup Draws SUP Athletes to St. Croix

Photo Credit: J. Price Photography

Photo Credit: J. Price Photography

This past weekend, Freedom City Surf Shop hosted the third annual Coconut Cup, a stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) festival.  The event was headquartered at Teres Veho, just north of Frederiksted on St. Croix’s west end.

According to one of the event organizers, Pi Presto (owner of Freedom City Surf Shop), participation by off-island SUP athletes went up significantly.  This year’s winner of the main elite event (covering six laps for a distance of 10 kilometers), was Professional Paddle-boarder Ryan Helm, who hails from California and currently resides in Mexico.  Following the Coconut Cup, Helm will compete in Puerto Rico and then in North Carolina.  In an interview with the The Virgin Islands Consortium, Helm was complimentary of St. Croix, praising the island as a beautiful place.  He took home a $550 prize.

The purpose of the Coconut Cup (according to event organizers) is to draw attention to St. Croix and the island’s ideal conditions for stand-up paddle-boarding, in hopes that St. Croix will be chosen to host the SUP World Championship in a future year.  Profits from the event go to the USVI Surfing Federation.

Sponsors of the Coconut Cup included Landshark Lager; U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism; ib designs; Villa Morales; St. Croix Foundation; Mt. Victory Camp; Paradise Freight; Starboard; i Grade; Toes on the Nose; The Buccaneer; Coca-Cola; Island Oasis; Isagenix; Cane Bay Films; and Bohlke International Airways.

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