4 Reasons You Can’t Move to St. Croix (and why they’re BS)

Exuma, BahamasInspired by this correspondence shared by Women Who Live on Rocks, here are some of the excuses we hear most often from people who really want to live the Caribbean life, but can’t seem to make the leap:

1. You can’t afford it

Cost of living on St. Croix is surprisingly similar to most American cities.  Yes, you will pay more for electricity and food, most of which must be shipped to island.  But you will save money on so many things because they’re simply not options (excess dining out, shopping, etc.).  The differences in costs and savings seem to shake out evenly for most residents.

2. You wouldn’t find work here

Many companies are open to staff members working remotely, with current technology making business communication and collaboration so easy (it never hurts to ask!).

Tax incentives from the economic development authority have brought a multitude of companies to the U.S. Virgin Islands in a variety of fields, so a local opportunity may be available to you.

3. You have kids in grade school

St. Croix has fantastic private schools, like Good Hope Country Day School and AZ Academy.

Children raised on-island have an opportunity for a unique upbringing.  One free from excessive screen time, surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty and outdoor activities available year-round.

4. You have a pet you love and can’t leave behind

Bring fido along!  Dogs and cats can fly with you on major airlines, either in the cabin if they’re small or in the cargo area if they’re large.  Be sure to check your airline for breed, weight and temperature restrictions (pets can’t fly in the cargo area if it’s too hot outside).  Dogs are welcome to play on most St. Croix beaches!  Read more about Bringing Your Pet to Paradise.

Chris Hanley grew up on-island and knows what an amazing life St. Croix has to offer.  Those years of local knowledge have made him the authority on Virgin Islands real estate and the top broker on-island in 2014.  Contact him today and download our free guide, the 10 Best Reasons for Living on St. Croix.