6 Things St. Croix Residents Don’t Worry About in Fall / Winter

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Let’s be honest . . . people who live in the calm Caribbean don’t worry about much.  But here are a few added advantages of living in the tropical climate of St. Croix in the fall and winter months, where the average daily forecast is 88 degrees and sunny year-round:

1 – Raking Leaves

Pass!  Save your back and your money from buying a leaf blower or paying for a removal service.

2 – Shoveling Snow

Skip!  Take a ski trip if you really miss the flurries.

3 – Winter Wardrobe

Unnecessary.  One less thing to have fit, stay fashionable and blow your budget on.  Keep your coat in the closet until a holiday trip.

4 – Holiday Shopping Traffic

Find your holiday presents in peace at outdoor festivals like Christmas Spoken Here at the botanical gardens, Thanksgiving Jump-Up or Christmas Boat Parade in Christiansted.  Forget the madness of malls and all the cars and crowds that come with them!  If you want the Black Friday deals, simply shop online.

5 – Hanging Christmas Lights

It’s not that Crucians lack holiday spirit, but electricity is pricey on-island.  So the vast majority of residents do not hang Christmas lights due to the added power expense.  No pressure from overachieving neighbors here.  But feel free to get your tinsel on!  A great place to start your decorating inexpensively is at the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center Flea Market.

6 – Getting Sick

While it’s a myth that cold weather directly causes illness, respiratory disease (inclusive of the flu) and cold weather are correlated (read more).  While Crucians can get the occasional cold or flu, the occurrence seems to be considerably less than in the states.  If for nothing else, a smaller population with less exposure than a major city.

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