Acclaimed St. Croix Chef Digby Stridiron Partners with Sommelier Patrick Kralik on New Restaurant balter

Photo Credit: balter Pictured are balter Co-Owners Digby Stridiron (left ) and Patrick Kralik (right).

Pictured are balter Co-Owners Digby Stridiron (left) and Patrick Kralik (right). Photo Credit: balter

St. Croix residents anxiously await the opening of a new restaurant in Christiansted called balter. It will be located on Company Street closest to Queen Cross Street and will serve contemporary West Indian cuisine.  balter is expected to open the first week of April, with possible soft openings in late March.

Co-owner and Executive Chef Digby Stridiron is one of the main reasons for the excitement surrounding the new place (without serving a soul, the balter Facebook page already has more than 3,450 likes).

balter Executive Chef Digby Stridiron, At A Glance

balter’s co-owner / general manager / sommelier is Patrick Kralik, formerly of The Buccaneer.  [If he looks familiar, perhaps you saw Kralik and girlfriend Corinne Farinola buy a condo from Chris Hanley on season one of HGTV’s Caribbean Life].  His love of food and wine go back to his hometown roots in Charleston, South Carolina.  After eight years on St. Croix, Kralik is very familiar with the island’s restaurant / bar offerings and is ready to add something new to the mix.  He is currently studying for his second level sommelier test, to further his expertise of wine.  Kralik has been named to the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence List in four consecutive years.

According to Kralik, balter will focus heavily on craft cocktails.  The restaurant will also have a courtyard area with a bar, seating, stage, and live garden for the kitchen.  Kralik says patrons can also expect varietal specific glassware for wine.

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