Acquisition of HOVENSA St. Croix Oil Refinery Complete


HOVENSA Transaction At-A-Glance

  • Earlier this month (Jan. 7), ArcLight Capital Partners, LLC and Freepoint Commodities, LLC announced that Limetree Bay Terminals, LLC completed the acquisition of HOVENSA.
  • Technically, the purchase includes idle storage units / refining equipment / marine infrastructure associated with HOVENSA on St. Croix’s south shore.
  • ArcLight (headquartered in Boston) owns an 80 percent interest
  • Freepoint (headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut) owns a 20 percent interest
  • HOVENSA has been closed for nearly four years
  • Limetree Bay (LB) Terminals intends to hire approximately 200 new employees
  • HOVENSA formerly employed around 2,000 St. Croix residents
  • Limetree Bay Terminals will expand storage to its maximum potential of 32 million barrels by later this year
  • HOVENSA formerly stored only 13 million barrels
  • LB Terminals already completed deals with China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation for 10 million barrels of storage capacity leased for 10 years
  • The facility will also house 3 million barrels for Freepoint Commodities
  • The refinery / storage facility was attractive to buyers primarily due to St. Croix’s geographic location, the nearest U.S. territory to oil-rich Venezuela.
  • A previous attempt was made by Atlantic Basin Refining (ABR) to purchase the refinery under USVI Governor de Jongh
  • The Government of the Virgin Islands (GVI) voted to ratify the sale agreement Dec. 29, 2015
    • Ten senators voted in favor of the sale: Vialet; Blyden; Francis; Gittens; James; Graham; Forde; Liburd; Rivera-O’Reilly; and Sanes
    • Five senators voted against the sale: Roach; Young; Nelson; Harrigan; and Jackson

Sources: ArcLight Capital Partners, LLC via PR Newswire & The Virgin Islands Consortium

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