An Island Upbringing

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Imagine an existence where all you know is summer.  Every day offers the chance to get outside and enjoy the sunshine in unspoiled nature.  This is the life of a child raised on St. Croix.

Simple Life

Versus people in the rest of the world with their fast-paced, technology-filled existence,  island life is slower and simpler.  It gets back to enjoying raw surroundings with a focus on relationships.

Kids brought up on-island appreciate the little things.  It doesn’t take a fancy gaming system for teens, or toy with many lights and sounds for toddlers, to stay entertained.  Just nature alone does the trick, especially in the company of other island kids.

One Big Happy Family
On St. Croix everyone hangs out with everyone for the most part. Friendships cross boundaries of socioeconomic status, race and age. People don’t hesitate to spend time with others who are in much different places in life in this small, friendly community. For children, they learn from the start to value everyone equally.

For most people, living on St. Croix means being separated from their biological families by many miles. But most island residents find themselves having frequent visitors to their paradise homes. Children also create special auntie / uncle relationships with their parents friends, forming an island family of sorts.

The “it takes a village to raise a child” mentality is prevalent, with acquaintances and strangers offering helping hands.

Birth Location Perks

For children born on St. Croix, they can look forward to the potential to represent the USVI Olympic team, even if they no longer live on island when they compete. This is a much smaller group then the primary United States team, with participants only required to meet the minimum Olympic standards, versus compete with many other athletes for those spots.  Kids born in the U.S. Virgin Islands are also more likely to receive scholarship opportunities for college.  Lastly, they are exempt from federal inheritance tax.

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