Bringing Up Baby (at the beach)

Baby with ball












People tend to think of a move from the states to St. Croix as a leap of faith, something for a young adult straight out of school to try.  It’s easy to stay in the comfort zone of your hometown and fall into complacency with where you live, especially if have young children.  But as many island residents will tell you, it is worth the risk to live where you want to vacation.  Don’t think of kids as holding you back from where you really want to be.  Here are some of the amazing things children experience living on St. Croix . . .

Small Town Community

St. Croix’s population is around 52,000, about 5000 of those stateside transplants.  It makes for a small town feeling among those people, with every person knowing what it feels like to be the new kid.  More so than most places, people go out of their way to help newcomers find a place to live, job, car, etc.

This sense of community is even stronger among island moms, who ban together to share kid’s clothes / toys, advice and more.  The year-round beautiful weather facilitates play dates in backyards or at the beach every week.  A great resource for newcomers is Tamarind Moms, a message board and database (contact the moderator at to request an invitation).

Appreciation for the Outdoors

Gorgeous weather every day of the year combined with a stunning tropical environment make every kid fall in love with the outdoors.  This also helps children stay active and healthy (screen time optional!).

Cultural Relativism

St. Croix has diversity in terms of race, religion and political beliefs.  Children are exposed to a range of people and learn to appreciate all of them, versus the ethnocentrism so many children unfortunately adopt living on the U.S. mainland.

Chris and Kerri Hanley have raised two incredible children on St. Croix.  Chris grew-up on-island, which has given him a lifetime to become the authority on Virgin Islands real estate.  He was the top broker on St. Croix in 2014.  Contact us today and download our complimentary guide the 10 Best Reasons for Living on St. Croix.