Caribbean Life: Staging Homes for Sale

10869505_1019776921370840_6970210975653866115_oIn preparation for filming season two of Home and Garden Television’s (HGTV) Caribbean Life, we asked 12 St. Croix homesellers to prepare their homes for filming four episodes (more than that actually, as the production team toured six homes for each episode and chose the three they thought best suited the buyers).  This preparation process was an extreme version of typical staging of a home for sale, but a great lesson in what makes the homes on HGTV look so appealing.


You want prospective buyers to see themselves living in your home, not you.  So be sure to put away all personal items like photos, memorabilia and knick-knacks.


Each room is to look useful and prepared, but not lived in.  So a study, for example, should have a desk and shelves.  The shelves should not contain loads of books that make them look cluttered.  All the colors and titles of book spines are distracting, so they should be turned so that the pages show instead or preferably the shelves should be closed.  The desk should have a chair and could have a computer, for example.  But it should not have papers, pens or other clutter.

Tips for other rooms include hiding or turning around anything with a title, label or logo.  In the kitchen, think all branded food items.  Clear everything off counter tops including small appliances to show maximum counter space.  In bathrooms, store your toiletries down to toothbrushes to make your home appear uncluttered and perfectly clean.


Decor should be broadly appealing, neutral and modern for the home-selling process.  A fresh coat of interior paint can go a long way to make a home appear renovated without breaking the bank.  If certain rooms appear incomplete because of missing furniture or decor pieces, try borrowing them from friends or buying them second-hand.

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