Characters of the Caribbean: Architect Steve Myrvang

906458_4465185238453_1498219680_o1. What is your favorite place on St. Croix and why?

My favorite places on St. Croix are the west end beaches for swimming, The Buccaneer and Carambola golf courses, and the Christiansted boardwalk.

2. What is the most memorable experience you’ve had living on-island?

My most memorable experiences have been the five Buck to Bucc [from Buck Island to The Buccaneer resort] swims I’ve completed.  I hope to do it again this year.

Also, I recently played 68 holes of golf on my 68th birthday. Kind of a crazy thing to do, but I’ve done it now for four years and plan on keep up the tradition as long as I can.  Thanks, by the way, to my wife Josie and friend Pat Mahoney, who joined me for many of those holes.

3. In what ways do you enjoy giving back to your island community and which non-profits do you most like to support?

I’m fortunate in that I love my work as an architect.  The projects I am currently working on should have a major impact on Christiansted’s revitalization.



My favorite non-profit is the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center.  It’s beyond painful to see the abuse and abandonment faced by much of the island’s domestic animal population.

4. What is the best piece of advice you can give someone new to St. Croix about making the leap to island life?

The best advice I can give someone just moving to St. Croix would be to stay loose.  A sense humor will never be more useful than it is on St. Croix.

5. Finish this sentence, “Caribbean Life is _______________.”

Caribbean life is better than I had expected it would be.  Beside the obvious perks of climate, cultural diversity and the Caribbean . . . friends quickly become family on St. Croix.  There’s sort of a wild west feel down here, which is very appealing to people who enjoy living simply day-to-day.  There are more characters per square mile than any place I’ve ever lived, many of whom are either wanted or not wanted back up in the states.

Steve Myrvang is the author of The Reach Series and an architect at Myrvang Architects, Inc.  In his spare time, he enjoys time with family and friends; listening to music; ocean swimming;and playing golf.  He is a member of the Virgin Islands chapter of The American Institute of Architects.  Myrvang has lived on St. Croix for more than 14 years and originally hails from Seattle.  He graduated from The University of California at Berkeley with a degree in architecture.

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