Characters of the Caribbean: Katherine Pugliese

Frank and Katherine Pugliese (Photo Credit: Zion Modern Kitchen)

Frank and Katherine Pugliese (Photo Credit: Kelly Greer)

1. In a few sentences, how did you find yourself living on St. Croix?

Operation Desert Storm had negatively affected the wine industry stateside.  So while business was slow, I came to St. Croix for what was supposed to be a six month stay.  I thought I’d wait tables for fun at Tutto Bene and Villa Madeleine, then head back to the states.  That was November 1991 (24 years ago) and I’m still here.

2. What is your favorite spot on-island and why?

My favorite place on St. Croix is my home above the Cane Bay area.  We have a fantastic view of both the north and south shores.  Sunsets are beautiful overlooking Hamm’s Bluff.  On clear days we see St. Thomas and Puerto Rico.

Photo Courtesy of Katherine Pugliese

Photo Courtesy of Katherine Pugliese

3. What is the most memorable experience you’ve had living on St. Croix?

My most memorable experience on St. Croix has been having my son here and raising him on-island (he’s now fourteen).

4. When you go off-island, where do you travel most often and why?

When we go off-island, it’s often travelling to Maine to see family.  When we travel for leisure we are food-driven travelers, usually going to California (Napa Valley) and Europe.  We visited Spain last summer to celebrate my husband’s 50th birthday and look forward to returning to Italy this year.

5. What is the best piece of advice you can give on making the leap to island life?

The best piece of advice I can give a newcomer to St. Croix is that a friendly greeting goes a long way.

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Katherine Pugliese is co-founder of St. Croix Food and Wine Experience (which includes A Taste of St. Croix) and is affiliated with Zion Modern Kitchen.  Along with her husband Frank, she has successfully opened and sold two restaurants on St. Croix, Restaurant Bacchus and eat@canebay.  Pugliese is a triathlete involved with the Virgin Islands Triathlon Federation.  She is also a member of the Christiansted Restaurant and Retail Association.  In her spare time, she loves to comb St. Croix beaches with her dog to collect sea glass.  Pugliese has lived on St. Croix for 24 years and originally hails from Massachusetts.  She went to college at the University of Miami majoring in performance theater.

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