Characters of the Caribbean: Michael Armendariz

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In a few sentences, how did you find yourself living on St. Croix? 
I moved to the island from Arizona with a plan to be here two to three years to experience life in the Caribbean, then move back stateside.  That was 20 years ago this past October!  My family still asks when I’m coming back.

What is your favorite spot on-island and why?

Are you kidding me?  With the abundance of beauty and activity here on St. Croix I am hard pressed to name an individual fave, so I’ll give a few.  Relaxing on a weekend at Buck Island, clay court tennis amongst the jurassic beauty of Carambola or enjoying the water and sights out west.

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had living on St. Croix? 
Again so many … but having the ability to look into the night sky here with little to no ambient light is breathtaking.  I have seen countless shooting stars; the space station fly by; watched space junk re-enter and burn up; double “moonbows;” and experienced the passing of a comet, which is something  I will never forget.  A comet doesn’t pass like a shooting star … it stays in the sky for hours and moves slowly … it was beautiful.  And who will forget the recent blood moon here?

When you go off-island, where do you travel most often?
As most others … a taste of metropolitan life is what I need.  New York City and Chicago are wonderful retreats and I visit family when I can in Arizona.

What is the best piece of advice you can give on making the leap to island life?
Learn to be patient.  Embrace the community and what it has to offer.  There is a myriad of activities and organizations in which to be involved.  I joined a local quadrille dance group, We Deh Yah Cultural Dancers, two years ago.  It has been one of, if not the best experience I’ve had on St. Croix.  Pure joy.

Michael Armendariz is a mortgage banker with Capital Mortgage Services in Christiansted.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis often in the great weather.  Michael is involved with Caribbean Community Theatre and Good Hope Country Day School as a director of theater.  He performs with We Deh Yah Cultural Dancers, a local quadrille dance group.  Michael has lived on St. Croix for 20 years and originally hails from Arizona.

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