Coconut Telegraph: Receiving and Sending Mail on St. Croix

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For those relocating from the states, you will find mail services in the Caribbean to be a little different.  Residential mail service is a rarity on St. Croix and most residents keep a post office box.

Post Offices

– Gallows Bay (best for east-enders with convenient parking)

– Christiansted Downtown on Company Street (ideal for those working in town)

– Richmond (just west of Christiansted and Basson Triangle, main post office)

– Sunny Isle Shopping Center (mid-island east)

– Kingshill (mid-island west)

– Frederiksted (on the south side of of town)

Even if you choose not to maintain a post office box, you will need to know which is assigned for your residential area, so that you can pick-up packages (you’ll receive a parcel notification slip in your mail).

Shipping Packages

St. Croix is as far south and east as you can move in the U.S.  Living on a U.S. territory has the major perk of retaining the services of the United States Postal Service (USPS).  We enjoy the same rates and approximate delivery time for services like First Class, Priority and Express Mail.  So when you’re shipping small items to / from St. Croix, USPS is the most cost effective option (keep this in mind when you’re shopping online).

FedEx, UPS and DHL also service the island, but consider it an international destination and charge accordingly.  Several of those carriers also require you to pick-up your items at the airport.

Helpful Tips

– Richmond post office is the main hub for the island, where inbound mail arrives first and outbound mail must filter through.

– During the holidays, our post offices consistently run out of stamps and boxes early in the season.  So be sure to stock-up early!

– All outbound packages require a customs form, which are different depending on if you’re using Priority Mail or Parcel Post.  Be sure to have these completed and affixed to the same side of the box as the address before you get to the front of the line.

Want to maximize the mileage of a stamp?  Download our free guide, the 10 Best Reasons for Living on St. Croix.