Creatures of the Caribbean: Friend or Foe? Part Two












Ready to be an island local?  Make sure you’re familiar with these St. Croix creatures . . .


These big guys will make you think you’re back in the Jurassic Age.  You will see them soaking up the sun everywhere from blacktop to beaches.  While most are scared of people and keep their distance, tourists’ feedings have made some quite assertive begging for food (they are particularly spoiled to handouts at Tamarind Reef Resort and The Palms at Pelican Cove).  Be cautious nearby them as they whip their hard tails as a defense mechanism.  Iguanas also move very quickly and can climb straight vertical.


If you’re not a fan of snakes, you’re in luck on St. Croix!  Mongoose wiped out the snake population on-island.  But in recent years, a few have started to turn up again (primarily in the rain forest) due to domesticated pets being released into the wild.

Photo by JP Horan, Courtesy of Caribbean Sea Adventures

Photo by JP Horan, Courtesy of Caribbean Sea Adventures


When you’re taking a swim, snorkel or dive in the gorgeous Caribbean Sea, you’re sure to encounter a multitude of stunning sea life.  But around St. Croix the most commonly seen, intimidating fish is the barracuda.  Its super sharp teeth can pack quite the bite, but worry not as that is saved for its prey (read: not humans).  However, don’t be surprised if “cuda” are quite curious about you and come up for a closer look.  Their vision is not the best, so they need to be closer to investigate.  They are attracted to shiny things, so be cognizant about wearing metallic swimwear or jewelry that may warrant their unwanted attention.

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