Cruise Ship Income Increases on St. Croix











Cruise ships stopping on St. Croix are a positive thing for the island, bringing revenue from enthusiastic visitors who have the potential to return for future vacations.  Versus neighboring islands, St. Croix has one of the most inviting ports in the Caribbean exclusively for cruise ships (versus a multi-purpose industrial one).  It also allows ships to port directly at the dock, versus needing tenders to ferry passengers between ship and land, enabling visitors to spend more time enjoying the island.

Frederiksted Impact

For St. Croix residents, cruise ship visitors are barely noticeable, not causing a big increase in traffic.  Only in downtown Frederiksted will you notice the concentrated influx of tourists, with some street closures around the pier.  The area around Fort Frederik and the pier lights up with great shopping, food tents and local entertainment on cruise ship days.  Residents can enjoy the festivities as well which include live bands, quelbe / quadrille dancers and mocko jumbie stilt performers.

Christiansted Impact

In Christiansted, you may see more people on walking tours, visiting Fort Christiansvaern or going to boardwalk tour operators for visits to Buck Island, etc.  Around St. Croix you’ll see more buses and safari vehicles taking visitors on driving tours.  Those who live on St. Croix get to enjoy tour operator offerings year-round, particularly in the off-season when they are less busy and sometimes less expensive (local discounts are often given with proper identification).

USVI Cruise Figures

In the first two weeks of this year, 30 cruise ships have already brought more than 150,000 passengers to visit St. Croix and St. Thomas, according to the St. Croix Source.  Royal Caribbean’s Adventure will bring 3,800 people per visit to St. Croix multiple times in 2015.

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