Declutter Your Home Project: Part 2


In my first blog about decluttering I shared an article that I found on Activerain,  100 Things You Should Throw Away NOW!  I planned to critique that list 10 items at a time, but I’ve discovered that it may be easier to tackle your house declutter project one room at a time.  You may be putting your Christmas tree up soon, so let’s start the next declutter project in your living/family room(s).

If you have one living area, then it’s usually the multipurpose room for quiet time, TV time, family time and for entertaining friends.  In the Virgin Islands, many homes are designed with a “great room” layout whereby the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all in one large open area with no separating walls.  All of life’s daily activities “spill over” into the living room…cooking, eating, living…making for a greater collection of clutter.

TV/Media Cabinets:

  • Check out the movies you are storing. If you’re holding on to your kids’ Disney movies that they’ve outgrown, give them to a friend with young kids.
  • Inventory board games and decide if you need to recycle some of them. Most teens and adults don’t enjoy Candy Land.
  • Go through your cards and be sure that you have 52 in the deck. If you’re missing one, throw them away.
  • Charger cords that went to old phones and electronics should be donated to the Animal Shelter Flea Market.

Table/Bookshelf Surfaces:

  • If you are anything like me, you tend to keep ALL your magazines. I try to clear off my tables occasionally, but I still keep more than I should.  Note to self:  Recycle my magazines to my favorite manicure/pedicure business.  It’s a good excuse to treat yourself to a mani/pedi!
  • Have you accumulated so many nick nacks that you no longer enjoy looking at them? Clear your table and only put back your favorites in a layout that is appealing to you.  As you work through the rest of your house, you may find another location for some of these.
  • Consider consolidating your multiple remote controls to an all-in-one. We use the One For All
  • Trade out framed family photos when there are so many that you can no longer see them all.
  • Consolidate charging cords for cell phones to one centrally located charging station.

Front Entry:

  • We collect lots of shoes here, so get a large basket for them…it looks less cluttered.
  • A decorative bowl on the entry table corrals small items like keys.
  • Keep a 2nd basket in this area to collect donation items as your declutter your house. Take it to your local nonprofit once a week.

Now that you’re done, treat yourself to a glass of wine this evening and enjoy your refreshing decluttered space.  Next week we will tackle the kitchen!

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