Declutter Your Home Project: Part 3

shelves cluttered with pots and pans











I’ll focus solely on the kitchen for this post.  You’ll feel good when you’ve successfully decluttered your countertops prior to the holidays and you can easily move about your kitchen to do your holiday baking.


  • Take inventory of how many dishes you really use and donate the rest. When Chris’ grandmother died, I kept some of the teacups from her collection.  I rarely use them so they’ll make nice Christmas gifts for some of the young women in my family who have recently set up their own homes.
  • This is an ideal time to sort through your rarely used or duplicate cake pans, measuring cups and spoons. Trim your cookie cutters down to your 4-6 favorites.
  • Are you a Mason Jar hoarder? Consider filling them with homemade jam and giving them as hostess gifts this holiday season.
  • Take a close look at your plastic containers…are you keeping a lid that no longer has a container or vice versa? I now put my lid together with its mate as soon as it comes out of the dishwasher.  I keep all spare pieces for a couple of weeks then throw it out if I can’t find the mate.


  • Unless you have a really good reason to store hundreds of pieces of plastic silverware (like you own a restaurant), keep just a small container of forks (get rid of spoons and knives)…they are great for school lunches.
  • Go through your cooking utensils and knives and pare it down to only what you truly use…keep more if you’re an avid cook.
  • Inventory your “gadgets” and really think about what you use. I’ve always say my Mammaw Trimble never needed fancy kitchen gadgets and she cooked for her 13 kids and all their families her whole life.
  • Last on this list is the DREADED JUNK DRAWER. Throw away:  restaurant menus, pens that don’t work, dried up markers, and the phone book…you can now go to for your online telephone book!


  • Check the date on your spices because they tend to lose potency after 1-2 years. You may consider putting your large spice containers in the freezer to extend the life.
  • Next check the canned food…if it’s outdated or the top has “popped” then toss it. I like to clean out your pantry every 6-12 months and your fridge/freezer more frequently.  Always keep a sharpie handy in your junk drawer to label your freezer foods with the item and the date.
  • Check boxes of pasta and rice to be sure they don’t have little critters crawling around in them…yes, welcome to the tropics where all pantry food should be stored in OXO containers.

Now that you’ve freed up some space in your cabinets and drawers, you’ll be able to clear off your counters for less cluttered kitchen!  Enjoy!


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