Declutter Your Home Project: Part 4

Mess in boy's room











Let’s move onto the kids’ rooms. First, your child should help you.  We did this recently in my kids’ rooms and we separated everything into five categories:  items that stay, keepsake items to store, donation, yard sale, and trash.  We planned a yard sale and I made a deal with my kids that they could keep the profits from anything they wanted to sell in their rooms (I had override authority) and if they helped me with the yard sale, I’d give them an additional 10% of the profits.  Talk about a motivator…they quickly trimmed down what they wanted to keep as compared to what they wanted to sell for a profit.


  • Unless it’s a really cool project that your kids want to save, just throw away all the paperwork…you have 12+ years of this paper!
  • Find a good container to organize all the little things that will accumulate and become overwhelming like the Crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc. The other bonus to this is that you won’t find yourself re purchasing these at the beginning of each school year if your child actually knows where they are.
  • I’ve learned to let my son determine what “computer parts” are trash and what are good. Again, make them work with you to accomplish this or you might be sorry.


  • I usually go through the kids’ clothes a couple times per year…mainly because they grow that fast! And I LOVE hand-me-downs (or as my daughter used to call them “handy downs”).  We always recycle our clothes to someone smaller and gladly accept hand-me-downs from kids who are bigger.
  • I’ve only kept a couple of keepsake clothes for the kid (mainly the outfit they wore home from the hospital), but I have a friend who recently had a quilt made with all of her son’s various sailing regatta t-shirts. It is a clever way to allow your kids to keep shirts that will also be useful.

“Toy Chest”:

  • Fortunately this will get easier as the kids get older. They no longer have the baskets of tiny little pieces that go to very specific toys…now we have chargers and broken electronics in my son’s room and beads and craft supplies in my daughter’s room.  But if you still have all those tiny parts, try your best to put them together and donate the ones that you know your child no longer enjoys.  Trust me…this step can be overwhelming!
  • I used to clean out the load of stuffed animals each year too…now we are down to their one all-time favorite that will eventually go into the keepsake box.

Once you have finished this stage of your declutter project, your kids will enjoy their rooms and you’ll have more time to yourself in the living room.  Bonus!


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