Discovery Grove Offers Environmental Education to St. Croix Residents and Visitors

Photo Credit: Discovery Grove

Photo Credit: Discovery Grove

Discovery Grove is a rare eco-retreat at Estate Canaan at the base of Blue Mountain, nearest the north shore in St. Croix’s rain forest (though it is slightly short on annual rainfall to be an actual rain forest, it is locally referred to as such).  It is also an “experiential learning camp” for young people, ideal for groups of youth visiting island.

Activities for Residents

For St. Croix residents, Discovery Grove hosts events like family art days (an ideal rainy day activity).  According to staff member Ty McRae, this event “really is tailored to the family.”  Family art days can include making coconut or conch jewelry, bamboo or calabash workshops and more.

Discovery Grove also hosts Canvas and Cabernet painting classes with wine for adults.  Please visit their website or Facebook page for more information on upcoming events.

Accommodations for Visitors

For visitors to the island, Discovery Grove offers a unique place to stay, surrounded by St. Croix’s rich history and beautiful natural environment.  Accommodations are traditional West Indian style, set in a sugar plantation dating back to the eighteenth century.

Activities on the property include hiking trails and many natural wonders to explore.  Children who have not yet had the opportunity to pick and eat fruit directly from the source are in for a treat, as they can enjoy mangoes and guava berries straight from the trees.   Water sports are also big at Discovery Grove, with Salt River nearby offering a rare bio-luminescent bay in which to night kayak, or close-by Cane Bay for scuba diving or any beach / ocean activity during the day.

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