Avoid Option Overload: Enjoy the Simplicity of Island Life

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When you move from the United States mainland to St. Croix, you narrow life down to a 7 by 28 mile space. Your shopping and restaurant choices narrow to a short list. For most people this is a cathartic change from the stateside chaos of countless chain stores and restaurants, all vying for your dollars with in-your-face advertising.


Have a tough time choosing among the big box, one-stop shops? Do you choose Walmart for low prices or Target for better quality? Skip the stress… on St. Croix you just have Kmart (Walmart.com ships many items to island if you’re desperate for something).


Do you drive around for a half hour on your lunch break from work just trying to decide between Arby’s, Hardee’s or Taco Bell? Does your family fight over Chili’s versus Olive Garden for dinner? Skip the drama. St. Croix has only a few chain restaurants (McDonald’s, Little Caesar’s, Dominos, KFC, Subway and Wendy’s), none of which are worth fighting over. Instead try one of the outstanding, unique restaurants St. Croix has to offer. From traditional West Indian fare to French cuisine and everything in between.


Debating on if you want to watch your kids blow through a couple hundred dollars of tokens at Chuck E. Cheese or pay a painful amount for movie tickets this Friday night? Instead try what many island families do… it’s free. Crab races are held every Friday evening at Deep End restaurant and bar at Green Cay Marina / Tamarind Reef Resort. It’s just what it sounds like… a bucket of hermit crabs are (gently) dumped into the middle of concentric circles and race to the outer one.  While you can bet money on the crabs, grab dinner or a cocktail, no purchase is required to enjoy the fun. Hosts Tito and Sue have little chairs for kids to watch and make sure every little one leaves with a toy.  Afterward many children play on the beach.

If you don’t have kids or you’re an empty-nester, Friday and every evening have limitless activity options (including enjoying the outdoors every night of the year).  Check out the bar scene, enjoy live music or stargaze where the viewing is unbeatable.

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