Equivalents of Commercialism on St. Croix (part 1 of 2)











When you make the commitment to island life, there are certain stateside conveniences you must be willing to go without.  Among the hardest for island residents to let go of are places like Target, Sephora and hilariously, Taco Bell.  But when certain cravings strike, there are fitting island equivalents.  Here are just a few:

Starbucks / Panera = The Bistro

If you love a cozy little coffee shop to meet friends, read or bring your laptop, The Bistro coffee and eatery in Gallows Bay is St. Croix’s charming little equivalent.  Look forward to an impressive drink menu, well-trained baristas and delicious pastries.  For lunch, the Bistro offers a menu similar to that stateside chain Panera, featuring soups / salads / sandwiches.

On the Border / Chipotle = Maria’s Cantina

Another great food option in the Gallows Bay area is Maria’s Cantina Mexican Restaurant and Sports Bar, one of the only authentic Mexican food options on-island.  From big burritos to tasty tacos and fabulous fresh fish specials, you won’t be disappointed.  Don’t miss Taco Tuesdays!

Target / Wal-Mart = Kmart

Dying among big box stores stateside, Kmart thrives in the Caribbean as the only store of its kind, with two locations on St. Croix in Sunny Isle (mid-island) and attached to Sunshine Mall (west).  Don’t expect the fashionable clothing / accessories of Target or the bargains of Wal-mart, but Kmart often has the best prices on toiletries and other household items.  For a good laugh, wait for a summer clothing clearance to grab a new swimsuit, cover-up or shorts.  Somehow the message hasn’t made it to corporate that we don’t need sweaters.

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