Equivalents of Commercialism on St. Croix (part 2 of 2)

Photo Credit: Fort Christian Brew Pub

Photo Credit: Fort Christian Brew Pub

As we talked about in our recent post, some conveniences of big city life are hard to let go.  On St. Croix there is no 24 hour pharmacy or pizza delivery to your door.  What you’ll have instead is a blissful, unspoiled paradise.  Good trade.

A few chains you won’t have to go without.  St. Croix boasts a Home Depot, Kmart and fast food chains including McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Subway, Little Caesar’s, Pizza Hut, and KFC.  But here are equivalents of a few things you may miss:

Buffalo Wild Wings / Chili’s = Brew Pub

If you’re craving bar food (reliable fried goodies like wings and fries), look no further than Fort Christian Brew Pub on the boardwalk in Christiansted.  Always a popular hangout for happy hour, don’t miss 2-for-1 Tuesdays.  The major upgrade?  Sea view of Christiansted harbor.

Whole Foods = Seaside Market & Deli / Quality Foods

If you’re looking for rare cheeses for a party, the selection at most St. Croix grocery stores will unfortunately leave you wanting.  But in recent years exciting new options have surfaced for foodies living on St. Croix . . .

Seaside Market & Deli, just east of Christiansted, offers a nice variety of cheeses and the wines to with them.  Not to mention specialty foods and higher quality meats than available at most island grocery stores.

Quality Foods on the island’s south shore (near the oil refinery) is a supplier to restaurants / hotels that has a nice cash-and-carry market open to the public.  They have a good selection of specialty items and often have more options in the back of the house if you ask nicely.

Walgreens / CVS = Mt. Welcome Pharmacy

If you’re looking to grab a prescription, over-the-counter drug and a greeting card, the answer on St. Croix is Mt. Welcome Pharmacy, just east of Christiansted.  The pharmacists are professional and timely and they have a good variety of items you’d expect to find in a stateside pharmacy.

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