Finding Your Spiritual Side on St. Croix

Bright sunlight over oceanThere is no doubt that people feel closer to nature in St. Croix versus the U.S. mainland.  With sprawling stretches of undeveloped land, you are far removed from the concrete jungle of a major city.  For the many who believe in a higher power or intelligent designer, this may equate to feeling closer to a God.  The island environment is filled with unspoiled natural wonders and unmatched beauty.

For those wishing to plug-in to a church community, St. Croix has a surprising number of churches for its population of approximately 52,000 people.  There are about 125 places of worship on-island.  A list of churches is available here with general location and contact information.

Two churches which have a large presence of former stateside residents are St. Croix Christian Church and St. Croix Reformed Church.

St. Croix Christian Church

St. Croix Christian Church is located in Orange Grove, behind the Golden Rock Shopping Center (Pueblo Supermarket).  For Sunday worship, the church shares a building with Caribbean Community Theatre.  It is lead by Pastor Gary Moore, whose wife Alicia also works for the church.  When speaking to the diversity of the interdenominational church body, Moore said his congregation spans the entire spectrum, from conservative to liberal Christians and everything in between.

St. Croix Reformed Church

St. Croix Reformed Church is located in La Reine, near Caribbean Auto Mart.  It is marked by a large wind turbine on Sunset Hill .  The congregation is lead by Reverend Rodney Koopmans, whose wife Janie also works for the church.

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