How Boat Owners Can Avoid This . . .

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If you own a sail or power boat on St. Croix, keep a close eye on the forecast during the height of hurricane season (the island historically is most affected in late September).  Part of your hurricane preparations must include your boat in addition to your residence, business, et cetera.  Depending on where you house your vessel, it be okay to remain there depending on the severity of the storm.  But the safest place for your boat on St. Croix (according to the Department of Planning and Natural Resources or DPNR), is Salt River.

Recommendations for Boaters during Hurricanes per DPNR:

Entry into the safe haven of Salt River is first-come, first-serve.  Do not block the navigational channel.

– Boat owners should return to their regular docks / moorings once a new bulletin comes out.

– Hurricane anchors can remain in-use for the season (use a mooring ball attached to the anchor line with the registration number of the boat).

Do not stay on your boat during a storm.  Seek a land-based shelter as specified by the Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency (VITEMA).

– Following hurricane season, all anchors and equipment must be taken away.

– Only attach boats to close-by trees when absolutely necessary.  Use appropriate chaffing material and remove the lines immediately afterward.

Tune in to marine channel 16 (Virgin Island’s radio) for up-to-date weather information.

– Following a hurricane or tropical storm, owners of boats which have washed ashore or sank, need to notify DPNR with the GPS location of the vessel and approximately how long it will take to salvage.  Removal of wrecks is the responsibility of the boat owner.

Chris Hanley is an avid sailor.  Having lived on St. Croix during Hurricane Hugo, he knows the importance of properly preparing your boat to survive a storm.  A lifetime on St. Croix has also made Hanley the authority on Virgin Islands real estate, as the top broker on-island in 2014.  Contact him today and download the free guide, the 10 Best Reasons for Living on St. Croix.