Hurricanes 101













If you recently moved to St. Croix, here are a few things you should know about during the height of hurricane season:

Planned Power Outages

The Water and Power Authority (WAPA) typically shuts off power before a tropical storm or hurricane makes landfall.  The reason being they don’t want hazardous live wires falling, should wind or debris take down power lines.  So be sure you’re prepared to go without electricity even before a storm arrives.  Notify your off-island family that you may be unreachable for a short period of time if power and cell phone service are lost.

Closed Schools / Government Offices

When a hurricane or tropical storm is projected to affect St. Croix, schools (both public and private) and government offices will most likely close.  Be sure to have child care arrangements made in advance if your work schedule is not flexible.  Don’t count on the post office or any other government service to be available during or right before a storm.

Enforcement of Curfew

In the case of a tropical storm or hurricane, the Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency (VITEMA) can enact a public curfew which prohibits residents from being outside of their residences.  This is in an effort to keep the public out of harm’s way when there is flooding, high winds, etc.  Also to keep the roads clear for emergency vehicles trying to assist those in need, clear debris from the streets, et cetera.  Curfew passes are given by application to people who own businesses, work for the hospital, etc.  Recommendations to plan and prepare from VITEMA

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