St. Croix School Celebrates Martinmas

Lantern Festival











Stone House Preschool and Kindergarten on St. Croix hosted a Lantern Festival on Friday to acknowledge Martinmas, a celebration of inner light as the outer darkness of winter approaches.  The event included a lantern walk with students carrying their own handmade lanterns, a shadow puppet play and bonfire.

The 2014 Lantern Festival at Stone House Preschool and Kindergarten on St. Croix


In Rome in the fourth century, St. Martin was a soldier.  Legend has it that one cold, winter night he met a beggar.  The man was poor, half-clothed and freezing.  Martin removed the heavy military coat he was wearing, drew his sword and cut the garment in half.  He gave half to the beggar.  That night, Christ appeared to Martin in a dream wearing the same cloak Martin had given away.  This dream moved Martin to dedicate his life to helping pariahs.  He became the patron saint of beggars, outcasts and alcoholics.


The Lantern Festival was hosted by Stone House Preschool and Kindergarten, primarily for its students and their families.  According to School Director Sarah Cole, “Celebrating Martinmas serves as a reminder that each of us has a divine spark that we must ferry out into the world and share with others.”  She asked that her students venture into the darkness with their lanterns in a mood of quiet reverence, saying the symbolic act brings home the deeper truth in the words of Siddhartha Guatama, the founder of Buddhism, “There isn’t enough darkness in all the world to snuff out the light of one little candle.”


Stone House Preschool is located off north shore road mid-island, near the Judith’s Fancy neighborhood in the Company Quarter of St. Croix. Learn more about Company Quarter and see active listings for sale in this area.

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