Three Kings’ Day in St. Croix


St. Croix is a melting pot of various cultures from down island to Latin America to Europe, and as such, we have meshed our cultures and traditions throughout the year allowing us to enjoy many holidays…and the Christmas season is no exception.  Just when you think you are all partied out from what seems like a string of never ending festivities and your cousins and friends in the states are all going back to school, we are still awaiting that last hurrah of the Christmas celebrations in St. Croix.  Yes, we stretch out our holiday season until just after January 6th with the coupe de tat…Three Kings Day.

The “Feast of the Epiphany” aka “Three Kings’ Day” signifies the 12th day of Christmas, marking the biblical adoration of the baby Jesus by the three Kings (also referred to as the Three Wise Men).  Many in Puerto Rico and other Latin areas have traditionally put a shoebox filled with grass under their bed or by the front door the night of January 5th only to awake in the morning to gifts and candy that signify the gifts that the wise men gave to baby Jesus.  Here in St. Croix, the tradition has morphed somewhat.  The tradition of leaving grass for the camels of the wise men may still be observed by some in the Hispanic community, but for others, the Three Kings’ Day holiday signifies the end of the marathon Christmas Carnival season on St. Croix.

While St. Thomas and St. John hold their Carnival festivities at other times throughout the year—St. Thomas has a month long post Easter celebration and St. John hosts a 2-week celebration usually ending on the July 4th holiday—St. Croix has opted to incorporate its Carnival celebration into the Christmas holiday season, with the final and most colorful event, the Adult Parade (known to some as the Three Kings’ Day Parade) being held on the last Saturday before Three Kings’ Day.

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