Island Life – Paradigm Shifts – Part One

Team of volunteers picking up trash on a sunny day

Recently the blog Women Who Live on Rocks posted a list of odd ways islanders behave elsewhere.  It is certainly true that island life changes you, but the vast majority of those changes are positive. Life on St. Croix is a simple life, with a focus on relationships and an appreciation for the incredible environment around us.  Here are some of the new roles people who move to the U.S. Virgin Islands take on:


Island life can easily make someone an environmentalist.   St. Croix has so much natural, unspoiled beauty and many residents develop a desire to protect it.

For example, when a hotel development threatened to destroy the Annaly Bay natural tide pools, a “Save Annaly” campaign started (with bumper stickers and all).  The development project was discontinued.

Once a year before the Ironman triathlon, you will see many St. Croix residents out in teams collecting garbage from the roadside on the race route. CLEAN (Crucian Litter Elimination Act Now) is an extension of SEA (St. Croix Environmental Association).


Hand-in-hand with appreciation of the environment, is the desire to conserve things like water.  St. Croix residents depend on cisterns to collect rain and supply their households with running water.  Especially during dry season, conservation of that water is important to avoid paying for water deliveries (or city water for the lucky few close enough for access).  So shorter showers and careful dish washing become a way of life.

The cost of electricity in the Virgin Islands is also high, so residents develop good habits of shutting off lights and appliances when they are not needed.  Running air-conditioning around the clock is virtually unheard of, with most people reserving the use of split or window a/c units for overnights during the warmer months of the year.

Ready to go green?  It’s easy when you live somewhere so obviously worth preserving.  Download our free guide the 10 Best Reasons for Living on St. Croix.