Island Life: The Cure For Screen Time Addiction

Child in the car with tablet PC











Worry about your kids excessive use of technology?  Solve it in one simple step: move to St. Croix!  Here are a few factors that make island life so much more engaging for kids (and adults).  No television or tablet needed.


The number one reason island kiddos have less desire for screen time on St. Croix is the tropical weather.  They are able to play outside every day of the year with balmy temperatures in the 80s.  Barring rain, the beach is always an option (all St. Croix beaches are public).  Water sports like sailing and paddle-boarding are abundantly popular with island children.


There is so much exploring to be done on St. Croix!  From scouring the pristine beaches for buried treasure like chaney and sea glass, to hiking trails through lush rain forest, there is always something new for kids to discover.


For people who relocate to St. Croix from the U.S. mainland, you will find a warm and welcoming community.  Every one has been the new kid at some point, so they’re happy to point others in the right direction and welcome them into their circle of friends.  Versus many U.S. cities (particularly in the Midwest), there is great diversity to be found on St. Croix.  So your children will learn from an early age to appreciate friends from a different religious or ethnic background than their own.

Chris and Kerri Hanley have raised two great kids on St. Croix and can personally attest it is a wonderful place for families.  They can help you find an island residence nearby the school your children will attend.  As the top broker on-island in 2014, Chris is the authority on Virgin Islands real estate.  Contact him today and download our free guide the 10 Best Reasons for Living on St. Croix.