Island Photographers

St. Croix is home to many talented photographers.  With a population of around 50,000, there are more photographers than normal due to tourism (destination weddings, etc.).  For those who live on-island, this means there is opportunity for high-quality family photos to be taken on a regular basis for a reasonable price.  Not to mention, some of the most phenomenal backdrops you can hope to have for pictures, including beautiful beaches and historic landmarks.

This surplus of talent also enriches the island’s art community.  Residents look forward to attending Art Thursday‘s in Christiansted during season.  This is a showcase of galleries primarily on Company Street in town, which includes music, wine and food.

Whether your family travels down for a reunion or you’re celebrating a major milestone anniversary, professional photography is a great way to mark and remember the occasion.  Of course people think of it for weddings and new babies, but these photographers are often hired for engagement and maternity sessions.  With as fast as little ones grow, it is always a good time to note what your changing family looks like right now.

So when you have an occasion for photos, here are a few established St. Croix photographers to consider:

– Quiana Adams

Photo Credit: Quiana Adams

Photo Credit: Quiana Adams


– Kelly Greer

Photo Credit: Kelly Greer

Photo Credit: Kelly Greer













– Tina Henle

Photo Credit: Tina Henle

Photo Credit: Tina Henle


– Lindsay Kammerzelt


Photo Credit: Lindsay Kammerzelt


A couple of new faces to the St. Croix photography scene are Kristen Babcock and Sarah Stamper.

Ready to live at one of the most picturesque places in the country?  We have the talent to expertly capture all the memories you make here.  Talk about holiday cards that will make your family and friends jealous!  Download our free guide the 10 Best Reasons for Living on St. Croix.