Why Life on STX Trumps LA

Defocused blur of Downtown Los Angeles at sunset











I just returned from a trip to Los Angeles, on which I stayed in a ocean view guest house near Malibu.  While I had a nice time, the pros of life in California reminded me of those in St. Croix.  And the cons of LA life . . . well, they were just cons.  I assume they are the reason people drive with the anger and hostility they do there.  Which brings me to . . .

Traffic is crazy

I mean, really crazy.  A matter of miles (like 10) can easily take you two hours to drive through Los Angeles.  Even when you avoid peak rush hours, it seems the city infrastructure is overwhelmed by the continually growing population of the second largest city in the country.  It seems the 405 needs to be double-decker to begin accommodating the number of cars on it.  The only decent time to drive?  Around 2:30 a.m. on a Thursday morning (thanks to a delayed flight and overbooked Dollar Rent-A-Car).

St. Croix on the other hand, has blissfully clear roads at all times of the day.  While just a couple of lights seem to bottle-neck around the morning and afternoon commutes, it’s almost impossible to spend more than 20 minutes on the road unless you’re driving from east to west end (or visa versa).  There is only one time each year there is traffic on-island, which is July 4 when the firework show in Frederiksted is over and everyone wants to go home around the same time (a great night for locals to rent a hotel room out west!).

Beaches are dry

As we were preparing for our first beach day, we read the basic info on the popular Zuma Beach.  As my travel buddy read “no alcohol” I stopped cold in my tracks.  What is a day at the beach without a cold cocktail?!  I thought perhaps it was an effort to keep broken glass out of the sand or something, but nothing anyone actually followed.  But as we visited Castle Rock Beach, I walked to a nearby waterfront restaurant and bar.  I asked for a drink from the bar to-go and turns out, the rule is actually followed.  Signs warning “no alcohol beyond this point” are even posted as you walk onto the sand.  Did I mention the only parking near this beach cost us an $11 valet?

After years of living on St. Croix (where many people chose to drink while driving) this was bewildering.  Booze and the beach go hand-in-hand on island!  The home of Cruzan Rum and Captain Morgan is also populated by many alcohol enthusiasts.  You can roll your cooler full of adult beverages onto nearly any beach on St. Croix (unless it’s on the property of a hotel or resort, in which case they will happily sell it to you).

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