Move to a Caribbean Island in 3 Steps

A lone palm on a deserted tropical island.

My family and I are in the midst of moving back to St. Croix.  After spending 18 months back in the stateside rat race, we’ve waved the white flag and are ready to go home to our Caribbean island for good.  Having done this move between the states and St. Croix three times in the last seven years, I now consider myself an expert.  So if you’ve always dreamed of living in paradise, here are a few simple steps to make it your reality:

1- Set the Date

Make a solid commitment to your plan by booking your one-way flight to St. Croix.  Don’t fall into the “as soon as” trap or think you need a five-year plan.  Do. It. Now.

As a U.S. territory, stateside residents don’t need a visa or even a passport to move to St Croix.  The currency is the U.S. dollar and the language is English.  You won’t pay international roaming charges on your cell phone and the U.S. postal service still delivers your mail at the same rates.

Research and decide on the logistics of what you want to ship (car, furniture, etc.).  Many people show up with next to nothing and start fresh by staying in a hotel with a rental car.  Most rental homes on-island come furnished down to forks.

2- Secure Income

Right from the start I want to say this step isn’t mandatory for making the leap to island life.  The first time my husband and I moved to St. Croix, we had zero work secured.  We thought we’d float on savings and wait tables for a year or two.  Within a week, my husband met his current colleague on the beach.  Once you’re on-island, people are very helpful in getting you professionally connected.  Prepare to potentially be underemployed, but it is unquestionable worth it.

If you’re established at your present job and work in a profession that lends itself to remote work, don’t be afraid to ask your current supervisor about that possibility.  You’d be amazed how often you can get what you want professionally if you simply ask politely.  Many people share this dream of living where they vacation, and are happy to support others who are actually pursuing it.

3- Purge the Junk

One common trait among many St. Croix residents is minimalism.  Your move will be much less stressful (and costly) with less stuff.  It is incredibly freeing to show up in paradise with just a suitcase or two, having liquidated your belongings into cash on-hand.  Dump your furniture with Craig’s List, host a garage sale, etc.  Don’t forget to donate your sweaters and coats!

This move is plausible for nearly anyone with the dream of Caribbean Life.  It can be done as a single person, couple or family.  Don’t let stuff or money stand in your way if living in paradise is something you desire.  When you’re ready to make the leap to island life, contact The Hanley’s to help you find a perfect home or condo on St. Croix to rent or buy.  As the top broker on-island year after year, Chris is the authority on Virgin Islands real estate.  Start today by downloading their free St. Croix event guide to find the ideal time to visit.  

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