Myths of Caribbean Life – Part Two

Handsome man standing on beachThere is a different side to St. Croix than you see when you vacation or visit on a cruise ship.  Here are a couple more myths about Caribbean life that we are happy to debunk:

Myth 4: Everyone has a beach body

Truth: While many residents like to stay in shape, not everyone on St. Croix looks like a supermodel in a swimsuit.  The difference is on-island, no one cares.  The societal pressure to magically be fat- and cellulite-free doesn’t really exist.  Most St. Croix residents really enjoy their rum (and beer and wine) and don’t sweat those extra calories.  Perhaps less availability of fast food balances those out for most people.

However, the gorgeous year-round weather certainly facilitates staying active.  Many residents are avid hikers or fitness enthusiasts (there are several CrossFit gyms on-island).  Many Crucians are active in the triathlon circuit, with an Iron Man hosted on St. Croix annually.  Water sports are also plausible every day of the year.

Whatever your fitness level, most residents enjoy a healthy glow from year-round sunshine.  High SPF lotion or spray is a part of most people’s daily routine and you will see residents wearing head-to-toe sun protection when they’re at the beach or on the water.  But being outdoors and active still gives a nice sun-kissed tan to most islanders.

Myth 5: Islanders are underemployed

Truth: Not everyone is waiting tables and mixing drinks.  Moving to St. Croix at any age doesn’t mean you have to forego your current income level or give up your savings goals.  Plenty of stateside transplants find a way to strategically work here, be it remotely or in a new part of their industry.  Others choose to pursue passions that may cater more to the tourism industry, such a professional photography.

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