Myths of Caribbean Life – Part One


Why yes, all St. Croix women do look like this in a bikini!

When you vacation on St. Croix (or any Caribbean island for that matter), you can’t help but think how anyone besides the uber-wealthy manages to live there.  Everyone around you is just laying on the beach and drinking rum punch.  The truth is, most who live the Caribbean life still work and have to go on everyday errands like grocery shopping.  They just do so surrounded by lush, tropical scenery and incredible ocean views.  While they do their share of limin’ (read: relaxing) on the beach, normal life goes on too.

Myth 1: Everyone is rich / retired

Truth: While St. Croix has a concentration of retirees, the majority of the population works in some capacity.  The presence of economic development council (EDC) companies has introduced many job opportunities on-island that wouldn’t be there otherwise.  Telecommuting is also a popular choice for islanders who can work from anywhere.

Myth 2: Technology is behind-the-times

Truth: While life does move at a slower pace, St. Croix residents enjoy high-speed internet and reliable cell phone service with at&t (no international roaming required).  The United States Postal Service (USPS) services the island with mail / parcels at the same domestic rates.  Dish Network provides crystal clear, high-definition, satellite television.  Even radio stations keep current with Billboard charts.

Myth 3: Islanders are out-of-touch

Truth: Just because you don’t live near family and friends doesn’t mean you fall out-of-touch with them.  Believe it or not, people are more than willing to visit when you live at a popular tourist destination (sometimes too willing).  Flights are frequent and modestly affordable, especially at off-peak times.  Modern communication options from FaceTime to Facebook make it easy to stay in-touch with the ones you love.

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