Parenthood in the Caribbean

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When you have a child on St. Croix, there are noteworthy difference versus bringing up baby on the U.S. mainland. First and foremost, you give your child a unique experience. You set them apart from the cookie-cutter life of suburbia, and the endless concrete blocks of chain stores that perpetuate materialism.

Ready for a simple wardrobe? Many little ones wear only a diaper and sunscreen, especially during the hotter months on island. Otherwise a short-sleeve onesie will suffice. Forget the hassle of trying to time season with fit when you only need summer clothes for kids. Gone are the days of dealing with a million layers (especially if you’re facing a diaper leak). You can also ditch the multitude of unnecessary accessories, as no island baby needs hats, socks, etc.

When you walk the aisles of a Babies-R-Us or Buy Buy Baby, you can find all sorts of things you “need.” But when shopping those stores isn’t an option and you don’t know many of those inventions even exist, it’s easy to live simply. (Don’t worry, many online retailers ship to the Virgin Islands and there are freight forwarders to bring anything you want to St. Croix).

Feel guilty leaving the house in your PJs without makeup for school drop-off? Don’t sweat it. Island mamas are notorious for not judging or competing with each other. Rest assured no one will be wearing designer duds at back-to-school night, nor will other parents scoff at whether or not the lunch you packed is organic.

While you may be missing the support of immediate family living far away, current technology makes keeping in-touch a cinch. Between Facebook and Skype, your kids can get to know their grandparents and visa versa. You will find relatives more willing to fly when you have cute kids and live at a vacation destination.

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