Characters of the Caribbean: John Harper

John Harper pictured sailing with his wife Theresa

John Harper pictured sailing with his wife Theresa

1. In a few sentences, how did you find yourself living on St. Croix? 

I was living and working in a small town on the eastern shore of Maryland. On a cold day in late 1984, the company I was working for posted two openings in the Virgin Islands, one in St. Thomas and one in St. Croix. I applied for the one in St. Thomas because I had never heard of St Croix. Long story short, the St. Thomas position had already been filled. So I accepted the job in St. Croix for a two year assignment. I decided I liked St. Croix and left the company to stay.

2. What is your favorite spot on-island and why?

Point Udall, because it’s a great place to enjoy the incredible, natural beauty of St. Croix. It is my favorite view of Buck Island. But, best of all, being there usually means I am in the middle of a long bike ride.

3. What is the most memorable experience you’ve had living on St. Croix? 

Getting married to my wife Theresa.

4. When you go off-island, where do you travel most often? 

Delaware to see family.  In 1994 I met my wife Theresa on St. Croix – she’s also from Delaware.  We can see both see family when we visit there.

5. What is the best piece of advice you can give on making the leap to island life?

Be open to new experiences and new people.  St. Croix has some of the friendliest and most interesting people of anywhere I have been.  Get out and get in-touch with the island by meeting new people.

John Harper is President of Marshall & Sterling St. Croix (insurance). In his spare time, he enjoys cycling and stand-up paddle boarding.  He serves as a trustee of Good Hope Country Day School. Harper is affiliated with Rotary, the University of the Virgin Islands and St. Croix Reformed Church. He is also involved in the creation of a multi-use path along the south shore of St. Croix to be used by runners, walkers and cyclists. Harper has lived on St. Croix for more than 30 years and originally hails from Wilmington, Delaware.   He graduated from the University of Richmond (Virginia) with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in economics and sociology. 

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