Characters of the Caribbean: Malek Bascombe

Photo Courtesy of Malek Bascombe

Photo Courtesy of Malek Bascombe

1. In a few sentences, how did you find yourself living on St. Croix?

I was born and raised on-island.  I have stayed because my family is here, plus I love the weather and culture.  It would be hard for me to leave with times being so hard on island.  I believe the more of us locals that stay gives us a better chance of bettering our situation.

2. What is your favorite spot on-island and why?

Buck Island is my favorite place.  I like to hang out on the beach and take photos.

3. What is the most memorable experience you’ve had living on St. Croix?

I always look forward to the annual parades, as they have so much emotion and culture. (See Bascombe’s photographs from the 2016 Three King’s Day Parade below)

4. When you go off-island, where do you travel most often?

I go to Florida most often to visit family and friends from the Virgin Islands.  It’s naturally where some people have landed being the closest state to St. Croix.

5. What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone new to St. Croix?

Try all the local food because it is awesome.  See as many historical sites as you can because they are significant.  Hit as many beaches as you can because they are beautiful.

Malek Bascombe is a professional photographer and owner of Malek Bascombe Photography (see samples of his work below).  In his spare time he enjoys playing basketball and is involved with St. Croix Photography Club.  Bascombe has lived on St. Croix his entire life.  He is a graduate of Central High School.  

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