Declutter Your Home Project: Part 5

Messy Bathroom

Now that I have managed to get through the marathon holiday season that is St. Croix, it’s time to refocus my efforts on my house.  Having successfully finished the most visible parts of my house before Christmas (because I know that guests don’t typically come into my room or open my storage closets), I decided to put off the master bedroom/bathroom, the office, and the storage closets part of the project until after the new year.  Now it’s time tackle the master bedroom/bathroom/closet.

Remind yourself of our mantra before you get started:

– If you donate or sell the items, it’s easier to part with them.

– It’s okay to let go of these items because you will feel much better living in an organized house.

– 2016 will be a better year because you can find things more easily and not feel overwhelmed.

Moving on…


  • Clothes can be donated if you haven’t worn them in the last 12 months…the exception to this is really cool shoes/outfits that you may only have the occasion to wear once in a while.
  • OK…let’s make a pact (again) to get back in the gym…but this time, let’s also treat ourselves to a few new outfits in the smaller size when we’ve lost that pesky 15 pounds. So…in the meantime, throw away your 2 sizes too small clothes.  You’ll feel so much better not trying to squeeze into those jeans!


  • Go through your drawers…dump old nail polish, not so great perfume, makeup samples that you never tried, outdated RX meds (Visit for proper ways to dispose of them).
  • Weed out your hair accessories drawer…including curling irons and hot rollers that you no longer use.
  • I admit that I am guilty of collecting hotel shampoos and conditioners too…I like to throw them into my beach bag for when I go to the Yacht Club. But, I really don’t need that many…so donate most and save a few for yourself.
  • Since you’ve had the opportunity to look over your jewelry for New Year’s Eve, you should know what you’ll never wear again…donate it.


  • Reassess your bedding…are you no longer in love with it or have you now shrunk the already too small king coverlet? Treat yourself to a new set during the next holiday sale and donate the old one.  You may be surprised at how a new set of bedding makes a big difference in how much you love your room.
  • If you are like us, your dresser and side tables seem to procreate random stuff…books, magazines, bills, etc. Clean it all off and redirect all that stuff to the appropriate place.
  • Clean out your bedside table and trim the contents down to the stuff you need while in bed…chapstick, tissues, reading glasses, magazines, etc.


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