Declutter Your Home Project: Part 6


It’s always amazing to me how much we accumulate, and one of the worst places for this clutter is are your storage closets.  I suppose that’s because we know that we can always just close the door and no one would ever be the wiser.  Let’s start the year fresh as we declutter our storage closets!

Here are some common things I am guilty of collecting:

  • 3/4 burned scented candles…and you know that they are expensive, so you can’t bring yourself to just throw away 25% of it! Make a habit of burning your candles to the very end before you bring out new ones.
  • Lot of almost empty sunblock containers…that’s a big one in the Caribbean. Sunblock does have an expiration date…check it out and if it’s expired, throw it away.
  • Miscellaneous cleaning supplies… bottles of never to be used again cleaning supplies are so frustrating to continue to move from one shelf to the next. I now try to minimize the variety of cleaning products I use…try to switch to “multi purpose” cleaning products instead of “task specific” products.
  • Old boxes and bags that you thought you may need to re purpose…I have a rule that we save only as many plastic grocery bags as I can fit in my one storage container that’s mounted inside my sink cabinet. If you make a habit of using them to line the small trash cans in your bathrooms and bedrooms, you’ll most likely not have to throw many away.
  • Have you replaced your traditional incandescent bulbs with LED’s…and then felt compelled to save your old incandescent bulbs? I feel your pain, but throw them out or donate them to the shelter flea market.
  • Loose screws, nuts, bolts, etc….you can only use so much. And honestly, unless you are a major do it yourselfer, keep a few basics and throw out the rest.  I’m trying to practice the rule of buying it when you are ready to do the project, instead of trying to maintain my own hardware store.  I would keep a basic toolbox in your main house storage closet.  We have lots of tools in our downstairs storage, but I like to have a few basics close by.


You’re going to feel so much better once you’ve cleared out some space.  Next, check out the Container Store Website for some really great organizational tools.  You’ll be amazed at the how much more open your storage areas will feel when you have decluttered and up fitted with new storage solutions.


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