The St. Croix Hook Bracelet

Photo Credit: Sonya's Ltd.

Photo Credit: Sonya’s Ltd.

A popular accessory for people living on St. Croix (women and men) is the hook bracelet. They are simple hammered silver or gold bracelets with a horseshoe closure.


If a hook bracelet is worn with the horseshoe turned open to the public, it indicates the person wearing it is single. If it is turned closed to others, the wearer is in a relationship. People with ties to St. Croix recognize each other around the world by these bracelets.


In 1964, Sonya’s Ltd. on Company Street in Christiansted started making hook bracelets. Since then, other jewelers have started making hooks. Many variations now exist in other designs, like those which recognize hurricanes that have affected St. Croix.

Founder and designer Sonya Hough was recently given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the St. Croix Chamber of Commerce at their 2014 Business and Professional Excellence Awards Gala.

Sonya Ltd. Founder Sonya Hough is honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Photo Credit: St. Croix Chamber of Commerce

Sonya Ltd. Founder Sonya Hough is honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Photo Credit: St. Croix Chamber of Commerce

For Children

Hook bracelets are even common for St. Croix kids to wear. Sonya’s sells bracelets small enough for newborns. They offer an exchange program so that as children grow, they can trade up their hooks for larger sizes. Each exchange has a nominal $10 fee toward a brand new bracelet.

Other Designers

You will commonly see St. Croix women and men wearing multiple hammered silver / gold bracelets stacked on both wrists by multiple designers.

Crucian Gold on Strand Street is another popular jewelry designer in Christiansted. They are most well known for their “love knot” bracelet design. The Bishop Family (Brian, sons Ben and  Nathan, Therese) are the craftsmen behind this St. Croix business, which started in the 1970s.

Island Boy (ib) Designs on Company Street in Christiansted is another jeweler which has a strong local following. Craftsman Whealan Massicott and his wife Kris are at the heart of this business.

Joyia Inspirational Jewelry on Queen Cross Street in Christiansted is the most recent jeweler to begin designing bracelets locally, primarily cuffs and bangles.  Joyia Jones and her husband Carlo Pedrini are the founders of this business, which has grown quickly in popularity.

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