Public Beaches Seem Private on St. Croix

Another "busy" day at Buck Island beach, St. Croix.  Photo by JP Horan, Courtesy of Caribbean Sea Adventures.

Another busy day at Buck Island beach, St. Croix. Photo by JP Horan, Courtesy of Caribbean Sea Adventures.

In visiting the panhandle of Florida last week and currently researching a trip to California, I realized how rare the sparsely populated beaches of St. Croix really are.  While the beaches of Destin were expansive and nice, you could see thousands of umbrellas and tents lining the coast.  Photos from Malibu appear similarly crowded.  There simply isn’t enough space for people fishing to be a safe distance from swimmers at these stateside beaches, much less to hear your own thoughts over the music of nearby beach-goers.    

All beaches on St. Croix are public, which is a great perk to have access around the island to different beaches.  There is diversity on-island in the height / frequency of waves, texture of sand and amenities.  For example, if you’re active and looking to surf (or kite surf) then you should head to Judith’s Fancy on the north shore to ride the waves.  If you’re looking to float in still waters and not so much as spill your drink, then Sandy Point off the west end is your place.

In terms of beaches being crowded, the only times it ever happens on St. Croix is during the peak of high season (the week between Christmas and New Years) and on cruise ship days, which are generally few and far between.  Neighboring St. Thomas receives the majority of cruise ship traffic to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Arguably the best beach on St. Croix isn’t on-island at all, but located on tiny Buck Island, just a few miles from the northeast coast of the mainland.  As a National Monument, it is a completely unpopulated and undeveloped (read: untouched and pristine).  So by sunset, most boats are gone and the beach feels like your personal, private island.

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