Puerto Rico Heineken International Regatta

Photo Credit: Puerto Rico Heineken International Regatta

Photo Credit: Puerto Rico Heineken International Regatta

Recently, many St. Croix residents island hopped to neighboring Puerto Rico for the Heineken International Regatta.  The event took place Memorial Day Weekend (May 22 through 25) at The Yacht Club of Palmas del Mar, a resort on the easternmost point of Puerto Rico.  This is the tenth anniversary of the event, which marks the end of the Caribbean sailing season.  Winners of the event split a prize purse of $12,000 (full results from the regatta are available here).

As in previous years, proceeds from the Puerto Rico Heineken International Regatta went to the Puerto Rico Sailing Federation, which seeks to develop the sport on the island.

This is the inaugural year for the Heineken Star Cup sailing circuit, which included the following races:

  • St. Marteen Heineken Regatta (March 5-8)
  • Puerto Del Rey Challenge (March 20-22)
  • British Virgin Islands Spring Regatta (April 3-5)
  • Puerto Rico Heineken International Regatta (May 22-25)

The winner of the 2015 Heineken Cup received a trophy designed by well known Puerto Rican Sculptor Victor Monserrate (pictured above).  It was made of glass from Heineken bottles, carbon fiber and recycled metal.

The regatta winners in their respective classes were as follows:

(place / yacht name / owner or skipper / home country)

  • CSA – Racing (CSA – four boats)
    • Dark Star, Jonathan Lipuscek, USA
  • Melges 32 (One Design – three boats)
    • Smile and Wave, Jaime Torres, USA
  • IC 24 (One Design – ten boats)
    • Ocean Potion, Mike Finley, USA
  • Chalanas 24 (One Design – two boats)
    • Huracan, Alfred Fortier, Puerto Rico
  • PHRF – Jib and Main (PHRF_ToT – five boats)
    • Bella Vela, Claudia Nicolow, USA
  • Raya (PHRF_ToT – four boats)
    • Guatu, Carlos Rosario, USA

Chris and Kerri Hanley were proud to watch their son Ethan crew the boat Paladin under the direction of Captain Stanford Joines in the Puerto Rico Heineken International Regatta (they finished fourth in their division). Chris is a also seasoned sailboat captain.  He was also the top broker on St. Croix in 2014 and is the authority on Virgin Islands real estate.  Contact him today and download our free guide the 10 Best Reasons for Living on St. Croix.