Raising Caribbean Kids

Happy young kids playing at the beach on summer vacation











Imagine a childhood where you get to go outside and play every day, not just during spring and summer.  Where seeing the ocean, rain forest and unspoiled nature is the norm.  Going to the beach for a swim happens at least once a week.  Forget about being snowed in, stuck in traffic or lost in a crowd.  This is the life of a Caribbean kid on St. Croix, a great place to raise a family.

Tropical Weather / Outdoor Activities

The daily forecast on St. Croix is generally 88 degrees and sunny with a 10 percent chance of rain.  Gone are the days of layering clothes and bundling up for the bitter cold.

St. Croix children love to play outside.  They frequent nature preserves like Buck Island and Sandy Point beaches, or hiking trails to Annaly Bay tide pool or Jack and Isaac’s Bays.  Playgrounds at Canegata Ballpark and Altuna Lagoon have little ones enjoying time outdoors every day of the year.


The mantra “it takes a village to raise a child” is still followed on St. Croix.  It is always amazing to see how responsive islanders are to little ones waiving hello, much more apt to stop and respond than someone in the states moving at a faster pace and busy on a cell phone.  I’m always  impressed at how kind and helpful people are when they see me out and about with my toddler.  Nearly every trip to the grocery store someone is offering to help me carry something or entertain him for a moment so that I can grab groceries.


It is refreshing to live in a place where children can still run and play outside without being tethered to their parents.  Luckily St. Croix has historically been a safe haven away from kidnappings and random crimes in which children can be innocent bystanders.  There are no crowds of strangers to fret about, no crowded malls to navigate.

This can be best seen at family-friendly events like Movies at the Fort or Crab Races at Deep End on Friday nights.  At either of these events you’ll see 100 or more kids playing outside with each other, while their parents watch a movie or grab a bite.

Ready to raise your family where you kids can play outside everyday?  Download our free guide, the 10 Best Reasons for Living on St. Croix.