Spending Christmas on St. Croix: Tips for Hosting Residents & Holiday Visitors

teenage girls in sunglasses showing thumbs upThe busiest week of the year for tourism on St. Croix is approaching, between Christmas and the New Year.

If you’re an island resident expecting holiday company, here are a few tips for hosting to facilitate a pleasant experience for all:

  • Make it feel like home for the holidays!  Decorate your house for those traveling to see you for this special season.  Consider hanging stockings with your guests’ names.  A few nice decorations should easily compensate for the lack of winter wonderland and hot cocoa.
  • Place a few welcoming touches, like leaving freshly laundered beach towels in your guest’s room.  Place a new oil diffuser in your guest’s bathroom.  Take advantage of the beautiful island environment and bring some fresh tropical flowers inside.
  • If your guests are renting a vehicle or borrowing yours, make sure they have an island map with some of your personal recommendations marked for beaches, restaurants and shops.  Let your company know GPS / Google Maps won’t work on-island as well as they do in the states, and there are some areas on-island where they shouldn’t rely on cell phone service.

If you’re a visitor, here are some tips to be a well prepared and courteous guest:

  • Explore the island!  Consider renting a car (reserve it in advance) to really get out on your own to see everything St. Croix has to offer.
  • Be grateful for accommodations.  This week, rooms at the island’s nicest hotels run around $1000 per night and sell out months in advance.  So even if the home your staying in doesn’t feel five star, reset your standard for laid-back island life.  Simple concrete builds are the norm on-island for hurricane preparedness.
  • Use minimal power.  Electricity on St. Croix is quite pricey, currently $0.33 per kilowatt hour.  So think twice before leaving a light on, or running your hair dryer if your locks can just air dry.  Try to reuse bath towels to avoid the expense of running the washer / dryer.

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