St. Croix Activity Guide: Hike to Annaly Bay Tide Pools


Annaly Bay tide pools are a gorgeous, naturally occurring feature of the north shore of St. Croix.  Ocean waves crash up and over the side wall of the pool.

The hiking trail begins at Renaissance St. Croix Carambola Beach Resort & Spa (even if you’re not staying at the resort, a hiking map is available at the front desk if you ask nicely).  There are options to start your hike at the resort guard gate or near the tennis courts (the later is easier).

The trail is narrow (passable one person at a time) at several points, so be cautious.  There is a huge bee hive on the walk that you must pass nearby, so if you are allergic, you may want to pass on this activity.  Another portion of the trail goes through a field with high grass on both sides.  There are no snakes on St. Croix, so proceed without fear!

There are no facilities at the tide pools so ensure you pack everything you need including plenty of water, a snack and sunscreen.  You will also want a swimsuit to take a dip in the tide pools.  Depending on your fitness, the five mile round-trip hike takes around one hour each way, so be sure to leave with plenty of daylight remaining.  Visitors often get lost on the hike, so be sure to have a well-charged cell phone and keep an eye on reception.

This is a physically demanding hike, so make sure you’re up for the challenge.  You must be able to climb up and into a tall rock bowl to see the pool.  An alternative and much easier way to see the tide pools is in a Jeep with Tan Tan Tours (rental car companies don’t allow you to take rental vehicles to the tide pools on your own, as you’re likely to get stuck off-roading).

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