St. Croix Activity Series: Hike to Jack and Isaac’s Bay

Photo Credit: Erin Leigh, Trip Advisor

Photo Credit: Erin Leigh, Trip Advisor

Jack and Isaac’s Bay is the glowing white beach on the eastern shore of St. Croix, which can be easily spotted from outbound flights. The easiest access to the bay is from Point Udall (the easternmost point of the United States), where you can park and walk a well-cleared trail. Just take north shore road as far east as you can go and follow the signs where it splits. We recommend leaving your car windows rolled down and taking all valuables with you.

There is no development at Jack and Isaac’s Bay, so all food / drinks, shade and supplies need to be brought with you (don’t forget sunscreen). This hike is fairly challenging (especially the way up after a day in the sun!) with some steep slopes and a rocky path, plus all supplies must be carried. So we only recommend this activity for individuals in good general health / physical condition.

The snorkeling is good in this area, so you may want to carry your mask / snorkel / fins.  It is also a popular place for spearfishing and lobstering if you swim 100 yards or so off-shore.

Jack and Isaac’s Bay is well worth the walk and effort for the pristine and practically private beaches! Especially on weekdays, the bay is usually empty or sparsely populated.

If you’re an avid hiker, take the opportunity of being on St. Croix’s east end and hike Goat Hill as well.

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