St. Croix Activity Series: Take a Kiteboarding Lesson


If you are intrigued by the colorful kites you see flying off the north shore, kite-boarding (aka kite-surfing) for yourself is a thrilling experience.  This sport continues to gain popularity on St. Croix, with the local group of kite-boarders growing each year.

The island is ideal for the sport with its soft, sandy beaches and ample space, free from crowds of people.  The most popular spots on island are off the Judith’s Fancy neighborhood and east of Christiansted, between Altoona Lagoon and The Buccaneer Resort.

This is an extreme sport and definitely not something to be tried on your own with rental equipment.  Expertise within the sport and local terrain knowledge are essential to avoid potential injury. You must be physically fit and very comfortable in the water.  Be prepared to be drug though the water and dropped from reasonable heights into the ocean.

Try a sampler lesson to get a feel for the kite and see if the sport may be for you.  A beginner package is offered to learn basic skills on the beach, take a lesson in the ocean with the kite, and finally a lesson in the ocean with the kite and board.  Bill Kraft, owner of Kite St. Croix, has taught more than 600 people how to kite-board and is an accomplished pro in the sport.

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