St. Croix Activity Series: Tour the Island by Jeep

Yellow Jeep at the beach

Hop in an open top Jeep wrangler with a driver / guide who has lots of local knowledge.  Tan Tan Tours offers full and half day tour options, along with a tour exclusively to Annaly Bay Tide Pools.  Other attractions include the rain forest, historical ruins, Cane Bay and Point Udall.  There are stops for swimming and scenic roads are taken throughout the tours.  The Mt. Pellier Domino Club is a popular destination on the tour, where in the rain forest you can feed enormous beer-drinking pigs and enjoy a special drink called a Mamma Wanna.

The ride is rough, so while all you have to do is sit, we don’t recommend this activity for older people.  The Jeeps take off-road paths to the tide pools, so it is possible the Jeep may flip.

As of March 2016, rates range from $100 per person for an Annaly Bay tide pool swim that takes 2.5 hours, to $160 per person for a full day island tour which takes 8 hours and includes lunch.  The minimum group size is three people.  Private tours are available for one or two people, but the total cost for three people is the required minimum.

The good people at Tan Tan Tours recommend you bring along sunscreen, hat, aqua socks (for the tide pools), swimsuit and towel.  You’re also encouraged to bring along your own beverages.  As with nearly any place on St. Croix, alcohol is welcome!

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