St. Croix Activity Series: Try Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

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Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is a sport surging in popularity.  Being out on the ocean on a paddle board is relaxing as you take in the beautiful scenery, yet a great low-impact exercise.  Unlike being on a power boat which can scare off sea life, a paddle board doesn’t disturb the natural environment.  So you can look forward to seeing sea turtles, fish and more with excellent ocean visibility around St. Croix.

If you use a tour operator that hauls the board in and out of the water for you, anyone able to climb onto the board in the water can handle paddle boarding.  The most physically demanding part is hauling the bulky and heavy board on dry land.  Balancing on the board may be challenging at first.  Participants should be prepared to handle a fall or two into the ocean from standing.

The west end of St. Croix offers calm waters and is the location of Freedom City Surf Shop, which offers rental equipment and instruction.

The east end is also a nice place for paddle-boarding.  For those already comfortable on the board, try a paddle-board fitness class.  At Chenay Bay, Instructor Isabelle Picard offers a Cross Training Paddle Fitness class.  She and husband Bill Kraft own a full service SUP school and the East End Paddle Club at Chenay, a completely protected bay that facilitates an ideal SUP experience for all skill levels.  Closer to Christiansted at The Buccaneer, this couples offers lessons / rentals / equipment sales / fitness classes / memberships and board storage.

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